Sample of Art Programs for Children and Adults in Tokyo

This is a small list of studios in Shibuya-ku and Minato-ku (Tokyo) offering “art” programs for children and adults. As of December 2013, I have not visited any of them, and so listing here does not constitute endorsement. If you live in Tokyo and have experience with these or other studios, please comment to add information. * Updates added in red on April 23, 2014.


Atelier OMO3 (related to Atelier EBIS) still life and Japanese painting; seems like adults only (Japanese) Yes, adults only. Of three studios that I visited in April 2014, this one was the most “mom friendly” in terms of ages of the members and studio time offered during hours when children are in school. 

Ebisu Atelier d’Art fine arts instruction for adults and children age 5 and up (English)

Ray Art School many offerings for adults and children (Japanese) This is one the studios that I visited in April 2014. Friendly, busy studio with many offerings (as I had guessed from the website). Pottery classes are offered in the morning, but otherwise all classes are in the evening or on weekends.

TC Kids (not yet open?) seems like it will be a small preschool plus venue for after-school, Saturday, and school break classes (English?) Open! Information available at I have not visited, but the pictures posted regularly on their Facebook page look fun. In addition to their preschool and classes, they host birthday parties.

Yoyogi Koen Art Studio seems like a small studio with a big heart; for children; open sharing of information (Japanese)


Aoyama Art School – kokoro to atama for children; target seems to be children seeking to pass entrance exams for admittance to preschool and elementary school (Japanese)

Art Land classes for preschoolers through adults in Aoyama; includes “Parent-Child” classes on Sundays; “Suenaga Heart & Color Method” (Japanese)

Art School AOYAMA (also in Ginza) seems like adults only (Japanese) I visited the Aoyama school in April 2014. This is a tiny upscale studio meticulously maintained. I would recommend it to people who prefer working in a quiet environment. Watching the two women who were working at the time of my visit reminded me of time spent writing a thesis in the “the stacks” of a library.

Kagemikai Art Academy started in Kanagawa-ken in 1967; recently classes for children being offered in Azabu-Roppongi and Omotesando areas (Japanese, but several classes have ESL emphasis)

RBR Center for Creative Art emphasis on short-term workshops for adults and children; “right brain” approach (Japanese and English); affiliated with Organization of Bilingual Parenting (OBP) Despite a website that appears active, a reply to this blog post indicates that they have stopped offering classes for children and adults in order to focus on workshops for schools and cooperations.

ZUKO-LAND international “art & design studio for children” near Nishi-Azabu crossing. This is the fifth studio operated by the company and the first one to offer classes in English. Ages 5-12. All children take the same 42-class course that can be joined at any time. Course includes drawing, graphic design, and 3D work in clay and crafting materials. Online sign-up for free trial lesson. (This entry is an update added September 12, 2014.)

4 thoughts on “Sample of Art Programs for Children and Adults in Tokyo

  1. Summ3r

    I contacted the RBC Center for Creative Art and received the following reply in Jan 2014, “Regarding the workshops/classes for both kids and adult, we currently only offer to schools and cooperations.”
    They do not offer classes to the general public.

    1. modelmirror Post author

      Thanks, Summ3r! I also have an update on TC Kids (Tokyo Creators Kids). A preschool, Saturday classes, and Summer and Winter camps are up and running. The school is active on Facebook and now has an up-to-date website: “My Atelier” is for children beyond age 5, but details at this point (24 Feb 2014) are not provided.

  2. Maya Keisghgens

    Daughter 18yrs wants 1 week art course (knows language english/french) in tokyo between 5th and 25th October 15
    and there after looks for 30-60 days month art class in Kobe up to December end. Any leads will be most welcome. Thanks Maya.

    1. modelmirror Post author

      Hi Maya, This post indicates studios that offer classes in english in Tokyo. Your daughter could start by contacting these places and if nothing works out, ask for references from there. Best wishes to her!


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